Last Sons

Rollin on into Coffin Rock
...and there is a hole in Shelly

The Train

The session started with the characters on a Wasatch train heading west toward Lost Angels. For whatever reason, six people got off the train near Coffin Rock. They saddled up their horses and headed south towards Coffin Rock.

Coffin Rock

The posse arrived in Coffin Rock as the sun was setting. Itzachu and Lee headed into the foothills south of town to make camp. John Black and Pixie Podunk went off to the Six Feet Under to find a drink and a game. Clarence Higgins sauntered into the Crystal River to look for lodging with the request from John Black to get him a room, and Silas had pressing business this late at night with the assay office.

The Crystal River

Inside The Crystal River (the sign on the door outside is a sign which sadly reads “Cry a River Hotel”), Clarence was met with a sad looking fellow named Carl Testeverde. He said there were plenty of rooms available. 4 to be precise and that the posse was welcome to stay, a dollar a day. He launched into a sad tale about how his wife died after bringing her to Coffin Rock; that the town took a toll on her and she died this winter past. Aged before her time. He also explains that the Hotel is a mess and no food is being offered. “Dorothy did all the cooking and cleaning”. Clarence headed to his room to drop off his stuff and catching his reflection in the mirror saw his own face, looking drawn and worried, he headed to the Six Feet Under to see about getting a meal.

The Assay Office

Silas went off to the local assay office. He found it closed and headed to the Six Feet Under to grab some dinner

The Six Feet Under

John Black and Pixie Podunk walk into the Six Feet Under, John looking for a drink and Pixie looking for a game. He finds 4 dour looking miners having a card game in the corners. John grabs a bottle of whiskey and heads over to a table for some drinking, seeing a well dressed man, glancing at his gold watch halfway into a bottle of absinthe, he heads over to talk. He introduces himself as Mayor Wilfred Hambly. After talking to him briefly, it sounds like there is a reason he is halfway into his absinthe. He mentions something about people disappearing in the foothills. Knowing that his friends setup camp out there, John grabs his bottle and heads out to warn his friends. Pixie goes with him.

(This part is a little fuzzy, I’m unsure how the party split but I think this is the gist of it)

Leaving the Six Feet Under, John runs into Silas and Clarence and explains the situation. None of them have had anything to eat, so Silas, Clarence and Pixie head to the General Store while John heads out to the camp to warn his friends.

The General Store

Half the posse find the general store and look through the windows. It looks dusty and out of use. They find the door is unlocked. Inside they find barrels of rusty and splintered tools, burst meal bags and grain on the floor covered in worms. There is slimy green mold growing up the walls. Nothing edible, that’s for sure. Intrigued, Silas takes a look around at the mold and finds what seems to be the thickest area of mold behind the counter. As he is scraping away at the mold, putting some in his pocket, he uncovers a copper cross that is upside down. The church bell tolls. Weird coincidence! Tapping it, the church bell tolls. Hmmm… Coincidence. He removes the cross and stashes the cross in his pocket, they head over to the Six Feet Under for some food.

They arrive for some food, and Silas takes the opportunity to chat up the Mayor. He notices that there is something that the Mayor might want to talk about, but is hiding behind his wall of Absinthe. After a full tummy, the posse decides to go check out the church.

The Church

After removing the cross from the General Store, Silas Clarence Higgins and Pixie Podunk head over to the church to see what the hell is up with this church bell. Pixie Podunk knocks on the door of the sparkling white church at the very end of Daly Street. Answering the door is the very friendly Deacon Robert Plume. He welcomes him into the church and asks if there is anything he or his brethren can help with. He convinces Pixie Podunk to say the lords prayer and leads him in the prayer. It’s then time for the baptism, they lead him into the backroom to a copper baptism alter and try to strong-arm him into the alter. He breaks free and runs.

Meanwhile, Silas and Clarence Higgins are just interested in looking at this church bell, they do not enter the church with Pixie Podunk, preferring to recon from the outside first. Walking around, they notice that there is no way into the church tower from outside, they will have to go in the front. They head into the church and run into Pixie, he mumbles something about not wanting to be baptized before heading out. Silas and Clarence head ask if they could take a look at the Church tower. “Oh, that old thing? It hasn’t been working for a while, but will toll on a really strong gust of wind, you are more than welcome to check it out.” He leads Silas and Clarence passed the alter and into the bell tower. There is no rope or ladder, but while they are there. The bell tolls. Quite loudly. So loudly, that both Silas and Clarence suddenly find themselves hard of hearing (remember, this is a 3 hour Minor Hard of Hearing Hindrance. should be gone by morning).

The foothills

John meets up with Itzachu and Lee in the foothills where they explain that they heard some gunshots to the south, they head that way and find some tracks they follow until they find a pretty beat up monster looking type man. He looks like his veins are on the outside of his skin. Creepy. Just then, the monster wakes up and shambles towards them. Lee dragon punches the monsters chest in and they continue on their path. Rounding a corner, they notice 4 or 5 humanoid shapes. Itzachu is able to tell that these are not the veiny apparition that they saw previously. To light the way, John shoves his bandanna into the last bit of his bottle of whiskey and throws it towards the closest shape.

The bottle exploded on a woman’s face and she shrieks in pain as she rolls around trying to put out the flames. Lee runs to help her, but is unable to help. From around the hill, another lady steps out with her gun leveled at Lee and the woman. She introduces her as Shelly and wants to know who the hell is responsible for lighting one her girls on fire. Word gets to her that John is responsible. She levels her gun at John (John has had his on her this entire time). She asks for an explanation. John says something along the lines of, “It was a mistake, I’m sorry. It was an unfortunate series of events.” When asked why she is out here, she replies that she is “hunting monsters”.

Itzachu sees something like anger gloss over her visage, and he takes a shot at her head, she ducks, but it’s too late. Seeing an opening, John fires. Direct hit to the heart. She dies before her body hits the ground. Ignoring her own pain, Adeline (the burned woman) runs over to her in despair, “Shelly!”. The other women gather around and begin to mourn. Totally oblivious to you, their main concern right now is getting Shelly out of there. They pickup her body and begin to leave. Lee, asks before they leave, if there is anything they can do to make this right. “Finish Shelly’s quest for vengeance. Kill Bryce.”

Silas, Clarence and Pixie head out to the foothills to find the rest of the party. As they find camp (no sign of the rest of the party) the bell tolls once. Incredibly loud, and for some reason. Incredibly sad.


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