Pixie Podunk

A one-armed huckster


Stag Whately is the son of Moses Whateley and his Sister Libby Whateley – family members of the feared and ridiculed Whateley Clan. The majority of the Whateley Clan lives in Louisiana and Oklahoma. After Moses retired from the war, Libby was pregnant and Moses saw that his milling skills were needed so they created their home in the mountains of eastern Tennessee away from the rest of Whateley Clan.

Unknowin to Moses, Libby became pregnant after one of her many flings while Moses was away at war. Moses always knew something was different about Stag (mainly his noticeably higher intelligence than the rest of the Whateley’s) but Libby never let on that he was not his child. Moses put Stag to work in the mill at the age of five. Shortly after, Stag had an accident where he lost his left arm.

Not having his arm Stag was unable to work in the mill and was able to spend all of his free time studying and reading books. He became very knowledgeable in math and numbers (for the record, I am NOT knowledgeable in math and numbers…)

Around the same time Stag lost his arm, Moses started coming into his room in the middle of the night to have his way with him – night after night for ten years. During that time Moses started referring to Stag as ‘Pixie’ because of their sexual exploits and his interest in things other than mill work and his sisters.

During those ten years, while reading and learning, Pixie also practiced pistol shooting (with his one arm) whenever he could. He became quite the marksman. When he felt his skill level was good enough to take down his father he challenged him to duel to get revenge for all the fucking and abuse. In the middle of their backyard with his family watching, Pixie shot Moses dead. Pixie walked away and never came back.

After spending a long stint in the underbelly of Memphis, Pixie quickly learned that the easiest way he could survive was by making money from gambling and counting cards. He described the area where he grew up whenever someone asked where he was from and he quickly picked up the surname “Podunk”, with which he was glad to use instead of “Whateley”.

Pixie travels from town to town gambling. He’s killed several men after heated arguments where he’s been accused of cheating (which he never does). Every now and then his reputation precedes him, but he’s really a small fish in the gambling world – he just wants to make living and live a simple life.

Oh yeah! While growing up and after secretly overhearing his father talk about it with his mother, he learned that he has the ability to access arcane powers and the powers of demons and jokers. He later learned that very few other gamblers had the same ability and that using a deck of cards was a good way to harness that ability. It’s a skill that he keeps very close to his chest and only uses when necessary.

Pixie Podunk

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